About Us

3D4U is a subsidiary program listed under DESiGN DESiGN LLC., a company registered in Dubai; United Arab Emirates, licensed to provide interior design services.

Since its establishment on 1998, the 3D visualization team in 

DESiGN DESiGN LLC.have been developing 3D Models and wireframes of furnishing and finishing objects. Our Models are used by game developers, architects, interior designers, visual effects studios, advertisers, design students and creative professionals around the world.

The extensive library includes seats, sofas, beds, wardrobes, light fixtures, doors, windows, parquets marbles, stones, artifacts and much more. These objects have been made available to be downloaded online for reasonable costs. The editable 3D Models can be purchased as individual icons or in bundles.

Nevertheless, we welcome users to post their (3D) Models for sale or for free on our platform provided that they meet our approval pursuing the “Terms & Conditions” and the “Privacy Policy Policy”as posted on our “Website”.

3D4U Program also offers the development of three-dimensional (3D) perspectives and animations on demand.