Terms & Conditions

Welcome to 3D4U(www.3D4U.org) a subsidiary program of DESiGN DESiGN LLC

Please note that by entering www.3D4U.org (the "Website"), youagree to the terms and conditions as listed therein.

Please review these terms and conditions carefully before you make any purchase.


“You” means the person, individual, party, user or entity (either in singular or plural) who attempts or uses the website of 3D4U.

“User” or “Users” means the person, individual, party, or entity (either in singular or plural) who attempts to use or uses the website of 3D4U.

“Us” or “We “means DESiGN DESiGN LLC. and/or their subsidiary platform“3D4U” or any of their authorized associates.

“Website” means www.3D4U.org

“Product(s)” means any saleable or free of charge substance(s), either tangible or not, which is/are made available by DESiGN DESiGN LLC. on the3D4Uplatform to be purchased or downloaded by the user(s) of the “Website”.

“Services” means any transaction, sale or operation we provide on the “Website” pursuing your order.

“Agreement”means the terms and conditions as listed herein governing the use of the “Website”including the “Privacy Policy”.


You (the User of this 3D4U website) acknowledge, undertake and agree that the “Terms& Conditions” together with the“Privacy Policy” as listed therein constitute the exclusive and complete agreement (between you and DESiGN DESiGN LLC. - 3D4U)pertaining to your use of the Website and any purchase by you of any Product from DESiGN DESiGN LLC - 3D4U. The aforesaid “Terms & Conditions” in addition to the “Privacy Policy” supersede and govern all prior communications, proposals or agreements.

If any provision, paragraph or sentence of this agreement is held to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, then this provision, paragraph or sentence should not affect or impair the other terms, provisions, paragraphs or clauses of this agreement.

Any waiver of any of the provisions of this agreement shall not be deemed a waiver of any subsequent breach or default and shall in no way affect other provisions of this agreement.

Nothing contained in this agreement shall be construed as creating any agency, partnership, or other form of joint enterprise between us.

DESiGN DESiGN LLC - 3D4Ureserves the right to refuse to supply Products to any individual or party if they are in breach of any of the “Terms of Use”as listed in this agreement or for any reasons and at our own and sole discretion.

To purchase through  DESiGN DESiGN LLC - 3D4UWebsite, you will be requested to either register or provide your email address and other details so you can “log in” and “log out” as a guest. Your information will allow  DESiGN DESiGN LLC - 3D4Uto handle your transaction efficiently and with diligence.

It is important that you enter all the requested information accurately since payment will be made online.

The website is available only toindividuals who meet the DESiGN DESiGN LLC - 3D4Uterms of eligibility, who have been issued a valid payment card, i.e., credit card etc. and who have authorized DESiGN DESiGN LLC - 3D4Uto process a charge or charges on their payment card in the amount of the total price for the purchased item or items.

By trying to purchase a product, you immediately undertake to authorize DESiGN DESiGN LLC - 3D4U to perform credit checks on you, to transmit or to obtain information about you to or from third parties (including but not limited to your payment card number or credit reports to authenticate your identity), to validate your payment cardand to obtain an initial payment card identification.

By browsing the website of DESiGN DESiGN LLC , you undertake not to impersonate any other person or entity or to use a false name or a name that you are not authorized to use.

You do understand and agree that DESiGN DESiGN LLC - 3D4Umay use the information you provide to conduct suitable anti-fraud reviews and the agency involved may keep a record of such information.

We reserve the right to restrict multiple deliveries of a specific product being downloaded to any one customer or address

In case your personal information changes, please update the said changes on your user profile via the “Website”.

We reserve the right to amend, change and modify the Terms and Conditions of this agreement at our sole discretion. We encourage you to revisit these terms periodically to ensure that you are at all times fully aware of our “Terms and Conditions”. Any changes are effective immediately upon posting them onthe Website. Your continued use of the Website constitutes your agreement to all such Terms and their amendments. Any changes made after you have placed an order with us, will not affect that order, unless we are required to make the change by law. Please check back frequently to see any updates or changes to our policy.

If you have any questions regarding these Terms, please contact us via email to the following address: [email protected]3D4U.org

Making a Purchase

When you make a purchase through the DESiGN DESiGN LLC. - 3D4U website, you are offering to buy Product(s) for the price which is posted on the website or to the charge as may be communicated to you and subject to the“Terms& Conditions” of this agreement.

All orders are subject to be accepted by DESiGN DESiGN LLC.- 3D4U. Orders which are not accepted shall not be charged against the user.

Placing an order

The Website contains an instructive guide that will walk you through the process of placing an order. You place your order for any selected product by clicking on the Submit Order button at the end of the online order process.

If you place an order to develop a three-dimension perspective or image, you will receive an email describing the exact details of your order and clearly acknowledging its acceptance. Unless otherwise notified, the acceptance of your order occurs only when you receive an email notifying you that we have accepted your order. Acceptance will be deemed to have occurred at the sending of this communication, regardless of technical problems you may experience and which may result in you having not received that email in a timely manner.

Please note that while the Website lists specific Products, there may be occasions, due to circumstances beyond the control of DESiGN DESiGN LLC - 3D4U, where a Product is not available. In this case a latest delivery, where applicable, will be communicated to you or an immediate refund of the purchase which you have completed of the unavailable item.

Regardless of the circumstances that result in refund, you should be fully aware and do understand that a ratio of 7% shall be deducted from the total value which was paid by you in placing the order.

If you require any information regarding your order(s), please contact us through the following email: [email protected]3D4U.org from Sunday to Thursday.

Adding Three-Dimensional (3D) Model(s)

3D4U offers the “User” the opportunity to post and sell their three-dimensional (3D) model(s) on the “Website” provided that they meet the Terms and Conditions set forth and in compliance with this agreement including the terms of “Privacy Policy”.

We are under no obligation to accept or reject any of the proposed three-dimensional (3D) model(s) and such acceptance or rejection is at the sole discretion of DESiGN DESiGN LLC - 3D4U.

To post a three-dimensional (3D) model(s), the “User” should fulfill all the requirements of the application as designated on the “Website” and upload all attachments which are necessary to evaluate the proposed model(s). Incomplete application shall not be admitted and they will be deemed as void.

By applying to post three-dimensional (3D) model(s), the “User”, “applicant” or “applying party” undertakes that such model(s) is completely created by him or her and they are not attributed to any third party. The “User”, “applicant” or “applying party” undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless DESiGN DESiGN LLC. - 3D4U and their associates from any responsibility, lawsuit or prosecution which may rise due to infringement of copy right or breach of intellectual property.

Your application to post a three-dimensional (3D) model(s) and our acceptance of such application does not consist of a partnership or a joint venture or any shape or form.

The “User”, “applicant” or “applying party” shall be solely responsible to set the selling price of the three-dimensional (3D) model(s) which he or she wishes to upload in the “website”. The selling price should be in US Dollar and should be inclusive of all initial costs, taxes, direct and indirect profit etc. We shall be entitled to charge a hosting commission fee of 20% of the value of any sale transaction made on our “website” on behalf of the “user”, “applicant” or “applying party”.

The “User”, “applicant” or “applying party” shall provide us with a legitimate bank account recognized by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates. Every month (and on the first week of each month), we shall transfer to your bank accountin US Dollar the due net profit which is generated from selling your three-dimensional (3D) model(s) and after deducting the hosting commission fee of 20% and any other charges which may be implemented by the bank to complete your transaction.

Pricing Policy

At the DESiGN DESiGN LLC. - 3D4Uwebsite all prices are advertised and all payment are made in US Dollar.

In the event where prices of the product(s) are set using existing currency exchange rates. The rates are subject to variation and may go up or down; therefore, prices are subject to change if the applicable currency exchange rate changes before your order is accepted or the items are markdown at any time during the selling period.


Payment will be debited and cleared from your account upon submitting your order on the DESiGN DESiGN LLC. - 3D4U website.

All orders are inclusive of tax at the tax ratio as set forth by the governing authority of the UAE. You confirm and undertake that the Payment card that is being used is yours or that you have been specifically authorized by the owner of the Payment card to use it. All Payment card holders are subject to validation checks and authorization.

If the issuer of your payment card refuses to authorize payment, DESiGN DESiGN LLC - 3D4U will not be liable for any delay or non-delivery. All Payment card transactions on the Website are processed using a secure online payment gateway that encrypts your card details in a secure host environment. To help ensure that your online shopping process is safe, the Website uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

We shall exhaust every reasonable efforts to keep the details of your order and payment secured, however, we shall not be held liable for any loss you may suffer if a third party procures unauthorized access to any data you provide when accessing or ordering from the Website


Without prejudice to the terms & conditions as listed under “Placing an Order” of this agreement, no refunds will be made to any productor order which hasalready been submittedto be purchased, purchasedor downloaded from the website of DESiGN DESiGN LLC.- 3D4Uby the “User”.Please feel free to address any additional questions you may have by writing us an email at [email protected]3D4U.org


Without prejudice to the terms & conditions as listed under “Placing an Order” of this agreement, no exchanges will be made to any product or order which has already been submittedto be purchased, purchased or downloaded from the website of DESiGN DESiGN LLC.- 3D4Uby the “User”.Please feel free to address any additional questions you may have by writing us an email at [email protected]3D4U.org

Gift Returns

Without prejudice to the terms & conditions as listed under “Placing an Order” of this agreement, no return will be made to any product or order which already submittedto be purchased, purchased or downloaded from the website of DESiGN DESiGN LLC.- 3D4Uby the “User”.Please feel free to address any additional questions you may have by writing us an email to [email protected]3D4U.org

Intellectual Property and Risk

By using the “Website” and downloading the “Product(s)”, you undertake not to resale or distribute such “Product(s)” in the same capacity as the website of 3D4U intended to.You further understand that allthree-dimensional (3D)models and products posted on the “Website” of 3D4Uhad either been developed and created by DESiGN DESiGN LLC.or by associates who use the 3D4U platform to publish their products. In either cases,DESiGN DESiGN LLC. - 3D4Uretains the legal ownership of all“Product(s)”published on the “Website”.

You understand, agree and undertake that any risk of using the three-dimensional (3D) models orthe “Product(s)” will be passed to the buyer upon delivery.